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 Page background by local artist, J. Rodney Reveal.  Visit Nickel Plate Arts.  Address: 107 S 8th St, Noblesville:  (317) 452-3690



Beth Frost

Many of Beth Forstʼs life experiences have lead her to become an influential artist and plein air painter.  A sales career in the graphic arts/printing field enhanced her knowledge before working as a mural painter and sketch artist.  Painting outdoors propelled her into full time painting, both on location and in her studio.  Now, her painting and lifestyle have become one...with her travels giving inspiration to her painting and vise versa.  Her focus for original excellence has lead to a remarkable body of work.  Beth strives for works that please her ideals and reflect her joy of life.  You will find her artwork in galleries and art fairs throughout the Midwest and Chicago, as well as private collections worldwide.

Pamela Newell

Discover Pamela Newell's Fine Arts or contact her by clicking on, Visit Site.

Bruce Neckar

Discover Bruce's work at Nickle Plate Art Gallery.  Also, find his Facebook page by clicking on Visit Site.

Gabriel Lehman

Now internationally known, Gabriel Lehman, showcases unique, whimsical and uncompromising art!  Check out all of his one-of-a-kind work - you will be glad you did!  To view his gallery, click on Visit Gabriel's Website

J. Rodney Reveal

Rodney's work has often been likened to Norman Rockwell for tone and feel - as he brilliantly captures Noblesville Americana.  To view more of his work or contact, click Visit Rodney's Website button.  

Lesley Haflich

With vibrant strokes of color and energy, Lesley Haflich lends contemporary flair to classic icons of our world. Her timeless oil paintings will be a welcome accent to any décor.  Check out her amazing work or contact by clicking on Visit Lesley's Website

Brad Cook

Brad Cook, self-taught artist has a passion for his hometown.  He captures our not so distant past beautifully.  Those lost but not forgotten (thanks to Brad) favorites will live on.  Visit his Facebook page to contact him or his agent, Christine Cook.  

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