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A Cure For Macular Degeneration

One of the best books I've ever come across is Dead Doctors Don't Lie, by Dr. Joel D. Wallach and Dr. Ma Lan. My mom suffered from dry Macular Degeneration. Slowly that spot in her eye grew and over time it became incredibly difficult for her to see individual printed words. It felt as though her beloved books were being robbed from her life.

After listening to a pod cast with Dr. Joel Wallach, I felt inspired to at least give his book a go. I ordered it off of Amazon and just a day later, I had it in my hands. In no time I set out to purchase the minerals and vitamins Dr. Wallach stated would help my mom. And yes, I even ordered his Multi-Mineral Complex colloidal formula - much to my angst at the time as it was $29. But, he said it was needed and who I was I to argue? Can't try half of his solution and then be mad his recipe didn't work. A small price to pay when you weigh the benefit of one's sight returning! And all told, it wasn't that expensive.

Mom had issues with swallowing a lot of pills (she was pushing 90) I offered up a nice fruit smoothie that she happily enjoyed - a smoothie full of her vitamins and this colloidal mineral stuff. Okay, I made 1 exception to his formula - it calls for elimination of all sugars. But, at her age, that was a big no no. We couldn't risk a big, sudden sugar imbalance at her age. And she loved her smoothies at 5 pm.

In two weeks from the time I started her smoothie boost, she had an eye examine. No changes. Well, it wasn't the miracle I expected, but her vision wasn't getting worse - not like the downward trajectory we were on. I decided I would keep up with her 5 pm smoothies.

Another 30 days passed and we were once again before the eye doc. Well now... this was our interesting appointment. Her eye doctor made her read the eye chart 3 times. Doc was stunned. Macular Degeneration does not go away. Had my mother memorized the chart? LOL, unlikely. Mom also had mild dementia.

While she hadn't regained all her youthful vision back, she had regained some of her vision, she was able to see the words on her beloved books easier. And that made my mom feel fabulous! The next 2 visits revealed her vision was indeed returning.

Sadly, my lovely mom, passed away of unrelated issues after enjoying 90 years of a life well lived.

Dr. Wallach's, Dead Doctor's Don't Lie - is full of all kinds of treatments that work on most people. In fact, I've not known anyone to date, that hasn't benefited from using the treatments he's given in this book. Whatever you suffer, most likely it's in the book.

Other treatments offered have helped several members of my family. Even my husband is off cholesterol & bp meds. He feels so much better. The side effects of those drugs he was taking were making him feel sluggish, and doing more damage over time. But, thankfully - no more.

For your convenience, I've linked the supplements & book I used for my mom in the description below:

Dr. Wallach's formula for Macular Degeneration from his book, Dead Doctor's Don't Lie, is: "Elimination of all fried foods and margarine, elimination of all sugar, natural and processed (which we didn't do - she enjoyed her smoothies) supplements with all 90 essential nutrients (including selenium - 500 mcg., vitamin E - 1200 iu., methionine), taurine 2-5 grams per day. and the 60 essential minerals in the plant derived colloidal form." **I used the Multi-Mineral over the 60 and 90 essential minerals. It was easiest for us and it seemed to work in our case.

Another fine book by Dr. Wallach is Epigenetics

Audio on Macular Degeneration

Dead Doctor's Don't Lie Video


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